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elle_etoile's Journal

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the story so far, quite briefly:

bohemianbride on the WC had a two year engagement with many bridezilla moments, sprinkled with a dot-com-bust layoff, three career-goal changes, the acquisition of a darling but not-always-too-healthy dog baby, many neuroses and lots of love; the culmination of which was a dream-come-true wedding to the love of her life on 4.3.04.

she is now three months into the third year of her marriage. wifezilla and mecha husband spend their time at their stressful jobs, mecha-husband working on his bonsai tree business, spoiling their darling dog baby more than any one dog should ever be spoiled, living in a 1970's bilevel dream home in which they entertain many friends frequently, thinking about starting back towards finishing her degree (that's wifezilla), and dreaming of a human brother or sister for their furry furstborn.

why bohemianbride? i was raised to be a granola girl... i still have some leanings towards crunchiness and gypsydom. when i registered for WC i thought i wanted a hippie dress with big bell sleeves and an outdoor wedding. oh how wrong i was.

why bridezilla/wifezilla? i embraced the title bridezilla and never denied my bridal obsession. but i was a princess, the wedding was a fairy tale, and it was worth every single second of the inordinate amount of planning.

my WC journal carried a different godzilla-themed title every few weeks; bridezilla vs. mothra for example. dh justin became mecha-groom and then mecha-husband. moh marisa (saphirimalmei) became Most
Honorable Mei-Tron.

why etoile?
it means star in french. i like to think i sparkle.

true love.

i have truly the most darling husband in the whole world. he is kind, and funny, and sexy and sweet. he really loves me, as fat and neurotic as i am. he's a big geek and a wierdo and so am i. we are perfect for each other.
we met at karaoke. we sing love shack together like nobody's business. we are 5 years and 357 days apart in age and 12 inches apart in height.

fur child.
tai-tai is a sharpei/pug mix (called an ori pei). she'll be 3 years old on october 19. she weighs 25 pounds but has a woof-woof bark (rather than yip-yip). she loves to snuggle. she is extremely spoiled, especially by her daddy. she eats like a princess and gets a dog massage most mornings from mommy.

baby dreams.
we both really want a baby. we're hoping to start trying next year, if i can lose enough weight to be healthy (i am fat! this is not a self-derogatory but merely a correctly descriptive statement.) i imagine our human child will be spoiled as well. we plan to name him guthrie james, or her magnolia may.


i love to cook. i have this fascination/obsession with all the trappings of the 1950s housewife. i also love to throw parties, dinner and otherwise. if you continue to read, you will be subject to my recipes.


i am very neurotic and plagued with irrational phobias. but i have a sense of humor about it. this may be entertaining for you.

bonsai trees.
dh sells bonsai trees and asian plants, offers bonsai classes and rents and maintains bonsai trees to businesses. it is mostly a hobby-business at this point but he plans to take it further. it is truly an art and he lights up from the inside whenever he works with his trees.